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Before you travel to France - some tips for UK travellers

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Guide to  the  regions of France
Gites and cottages by region
1a Brittany. Gites in Cotes d'Armor & Finistère
1a Brittany. Gites in  Morbihan, Ille & vilaine
1b. Gites and cottages to let in Normandy
2. Self-catering in  Loire - Centre - Burgundy
3. Self catering in north east France
4. Gites on the west coast - Vendee Charentes Aquitaine
4. Gites in Dordogne and Lot & Garonne
5a. Gites in the Massif Central, Limousin and Auvergne
5b. Gites in Lot Causses Ardèche
5c. Gites in Jura and Alps
6a. Gites in south west France & Pyrenees
6b. Gites & holiday rentals in Languedoc Roussillon
6c. Gites and villas in Provence and Riviera

Bed & Breakfast by region
1. B&B in Brittany & Normandy
2. B & B in Loire valley & Central France
3. B&B in Flanders and Northeast France
4. B and b in the Dordogne & Western France
5. B and B in Auvergne, Alpe & Limousin
6. B and B in Provence and the South of France

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Preliminaries & formalities: before you travel to France
  • ID: to travel to France, passengers from other European countries must be in possession of a valid ID card. For countries outside the European Union, and EU countries like the UK where there are no ID cards, a valid passport is required. For many countries outside Europe, a visa is required. For further details consult this official French foreign ministry website in English.
  • Reaching France by car: if you plan to travel by car from the UK during a holiday period, pre-booking your Channel crossing (Tunnel or Ferry) is essential; but at other times, you can normally just turn up and buy a ticket. But before making any booking, check out these tips and warnings about "cheap" travel offers. Don't be taken in by offers of "cheap ferries" on third-party booking sites. The best prices are usually those you get by booking directly with the ferry companies. See Ferries to France .
  • Reaching France by air: there are a large number of regional airports in France, with flights from the UK and other countries. You can find a list of appropriate regional airports on the regional directory pages of the Gitelink France directory.
  • Currency: France uses the Euro. The easiest way to get holiday money (and often the cheapest) is to withdraw euros from an ATM (hole in the wall, cash dispenser) as soon as you reach France, or evenin the departure area at a major UK airport. Most French ATMs accept foreign cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, etc).
  • Booking directly; gites, small hotels, campsites. If you need to make a deposit for accommodation, some premises will accept credit cards or Paypal; but for those that do not, it is usually possible to make an "IBAN" transfer, which is quite simple and not expensive. Ask your bank for details.
  • Health:visitors are strongly advised to make sure that they have health insurance cover before travelling to France or any other foreign country. For France, UK visitors should obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which has replaced the old E 111 form; see this UK Department of Health webpage for further details.
  • Accommodation: there are hundreds of internet sites offering direct booking for hotels, but beware of sites supposedly offering the "cheapest deals". Check out a few sites before you book. For holiday cottages, which are an ideal solution for a relaxing break in country village, visit the directory of holiday cottages, or select a regional link from the column on the left. For Bed and Breakfast, visit the Gitelink / BandB-in-France.com website, or go directly to a regional page with the B&B by region links on the left. The Gitelink directories offer a choice of holiday cottages and B&Bs with either British, Dutch or French owners.
  • Destinations: France is perhaps  the most varied country in Europe, in terms of natural and climatic diversity. Check out the different regions of France and also Undiscovered France.
  • Driving:  (Technically, if you have UK registered car, you do not need a green card to travel to Europe, just your UK car insurance certificate. Your insurer should be able to provide you at no cost with a "European accident statement form", which should be used in the event of an accident. However, it may well be that your standard UK insurance only provides you with third-party cover once outside the UK; in this case, if you want full comprehensive cover, you will need to get the extra cover from your UK insurer for the time you plan to stay abroad. Consult your insurance company on this matter, or the AA.
    Click here for more information on driving in France
  • Mobile phones in France : if you are planning on remaining accessible via your UK mobile phone while abroad, make sure that your phone is able to connect to French networks for both incoming and outgoing calls. NB It is illegal (as well, of course, as dangerous) to use a mobile phone while driving a car or vehicle in France.

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