Mountains of southern France

B&B in the Alps, the Jura,  & the Massif Central (Limousin & Auvergne) 2019
Traditional bed and breakfast in the mountains of southern France 

  En français : chambres d'hôtes Alpes - Massif Central

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B&B map Massif CentralArea 5a  

Bed and breakfast in the Massif Central

Limousin  Auvergne Aveyron and Lozère

Area 5  centre  Bed and breakfast - Forez Cévennes

Ardèche and Loire departments

Alps Jura B&BsArea 5b

Bed and breakfast in French Alps and Jura

B&B in Franche-Comté - Jura

B&B in Rhône Alpes area

Click for   Cottages and gites in Auvergne et Limousin

Click for  cottages and gites in the Alps and Jura

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A Gitelink directory
B&B accommodation in upland and mountain France, Area 5

Quiet bed and breakfast accommodation in  central southern France and southeastern France, for overnight stopovers or longer stays. A choice of B&Bs in the hills and the country, and near motorways to the south.

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Area guides and useful information
Guide to the Rhone-Alpes
Guide to Auvergne
B&B price guide
Small hotels in the Alps

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