City gites in France for Short-stay breaks 

Traditional houses in Alsace
The Gitelink Selection

Accommodation with character in or close to the heart of French towns and cities

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A selection of city gites in France, offering self-catering accommodation and/or bed and breakfast for city breaks in France. Listed by area.

Area 1 - Northwest France
  Area 2 PARIS  + Loire - Burgundy - Ile de France
Area 3 - Northeast France

Area 4 - Atlantic coast France Area 5 Alps to Limousin, including Lyon


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Owners - Add your gite to Gitelink France:
Gitelink is a directory specialising in in good quality good-value French gites and holiday accommodation. Listing only properties with character, notably gites in rural areas, Gitelink  - established in 1999 - is an effective way for owners to advertise their properties for direct rent, without the services or cost of any intermediary.  More details.

Attractive classic accommodation in French cities.

City gite listings with Gitelink are very selective. While big online booking sites offer free-for-all listings for anyone wanting to rent out a property for short-term lets, with no concern for location, neighbourhood, quality or value, Gitelink just proposes a short selection of quality properties whose qualities match our values.
   Properties listed here are either to be booked directly with the owners, or else through an online website that does not ch arge extra fees to the visitor. Either way, visitors are guaranteed the best rates.
   For each city, Gitelink has selected properties that offer good quality at a reasonable price, and are suitably located for local sites or attractions. Gitelink also takes into account the accessibility of properties, notably using public transport..

Rural gites throughout France - directly from the owners:

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Gites  in Brittany
Gites in Normandy
Self-catering in north east France
Self catering in Loire area / Centre of France
Gites in the Auvergne Limousin and Alps
Self catering from Languedoc to Gascony
Provence & Riviera / Côte d'Azur
Small campsites in France

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