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How to use this map : Click any marker to open an info window.  In the info window that opens, click the link to visit the owner's own website or booking site with full details and booking.
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Gites, B&Bs and holiday cottages in the Provence and French Riviera areas

From the Rhone to the Italian border

*All websites are in English or multi-lingual, and can be contacted in English
One or two small gites for hire directly from the owners. Capacity up to 7
Large single gite for hire directly from the owners. Capacity 8 or more
Choice of gites for hire direct from the owners. Varying capacities
B&B only, bookable directly with the owners.
Single gite or B&B for hire through booking site. Capacity up to 6
Larger gite or multiple gites for hire through a booking site.

This map only shows properties in the area of the original map. If you slide the map off this area, you will not find any more properties. To search further afield, return to  Gites by area  and select a different region

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