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What are gites? And how best to book one?

The terminology of holiday rentals in France

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What is a gite? Is it different from a cottage or a villa ?

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What does the word "gite" actually mean?   Is a gite different from a cottage or a villa or a holiday rental?
The short answer is "no" - at least not in the way that it is commonly used (or abused) on the Internet. But even so the term does tend to be used more specifically to define a particular type of holiday rental accommodation, to the exclusion of other types.

For some holiday properties, the expressions gite, cottage, holiday rental, holiday cottage, holiday let, and vacation rental, and even chalet, may all be quite appropriate, and frequently used. But within this disconcerting array of alternatives, each term has certain nuances of meaning - or should have. The problem is that owners and agencies often use words with a nonchalent disregard for their real meaning, and sometimes choose a deliberately more flattering term to describe a rental property that is really not much to write home about.

In correct usage, the various terms that describe holiday rental properties can be defined as follows:

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How to book a gite

There are any number of different ways to book a gite: but take care !  If you use a big online rentals site, warning : you may well end up paying far more for your gite or cottage holiday than you need to. And if you don't pay more than you need to (and even if you do) the chances are that the booking site is taking a good slice of the booking fee. Many gite owners, like the owners of many small hotels, b&bs and campsites, struggle hard to make ends meet, and the commissions taken by online rentals sites make the struggle even harder.
  Depending on the rental agency used, visitors can be charged a fee of up to 16% on top of the rental charge – not to mention the commissions charged to property owners.
  For example, you discover a delightful holiday cottage, with room for 4 people,  for which the weekly rental charge announced on the rental site is a reasonable 690 € for a week. So you go through the booking process, and by the time you reach the checkout, the cost has jumped up to 800 €.
   What a waste, when you could have booked the cottage at the stated rental price, by contacting the owners directly.

Book directly with owners !
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Most properties listed on Gitelink can be booked directly with owners, avoiding the commissions and hidden fees charged by online holiday rental agencies.
  In addition, direct booking with the owners, or booking through a portal that does not require you to pay them first  is by far the best option in the event that you should need to modify or cancel your booking.

   The Internet is full of horror tales from people who have been unable to cancel a booking through a reservation site, or who have done so and been charged nonetheless, or have been given a very meagre reimbursement.
   Direct booking avoids this: you are in direct contact with the property owner, and most owners take great pains to ensure good customer relations

Gitelink is  a fully independent website working directly with owners but also affiliated to certain online booking platforms. Gitelink takes no commission on rentals made directly with owners, but  may receive a small commission only on bookings made through affiliate sites . This has no effect at all on the price paid by the visitor.

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