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Search for gites in France

The Gitelink France gites search engine

Search for gites in France. 

Gitelink offers you three ways to find your ideal gite holiday in France:
  • Gites map search  - choose an area on this map then click  place-markers on the zoomable area map that shows up. Each place marker will take you directly to the website of an individual property or to that property's page on a booking site. Everything can be done in English or French.
  • Search by browsing through the directory page or pages for the region you are interested in. To do so, simply go to the directory of gites and click on the region (such as Normandy) you are interested in.    
  • Use the site search box below. This is particularly useful if you want to search on a particular town or site, and are not quite sure where it is. However, if you are interested in a larger area, notably a region or area such as the "south of France", the search box is likely to produce a lot of results, so you may prefer one of the other methods

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Tips: Type in any place name, area, theme, or other keyword. Unless you wish to limit your search to a specific village or very small area, do not use very specific place names; choose a town such as Toulouse or a department such as Charente . You may however search on absolutely any search term, and if that term is used on the Gitelink website, the search engine will find it.

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Many holiday rentals have flexible capacity, and do not indicate a precise figure in their directory listing. Those that do use many different expressions. To search on capacity, use search terms (between inverted commas) such as "for 4" or "sleeping 6" or "up to 8". But it is probably better to choose a region, then check through the list of gites available.

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Holiday rentals generally known as gites, are available in all regions of France. Most of them are rented out by French owners, but there is a significant minority of holiday rentals in France that are owned and run by foreigners - British, Dutch and Germans in particular. There are also gites and bed and breakfast accommodation with Australian owners or American owners, and some of these can be found in this directory.
   Renting from English-speaking owners can often simplify the procedure for other English-speakers; but most of the French owners who advertise with Gitelink speak or understand enough English to avoid major problems of communication. Renting from French owners will often be a good solution for visitors looking for the authentic French experience and plenty of local knowledge; though it should be said that many foreign owners have made a particular effort to get to know their region or area, and can provide a wealth of local information too.

Paying for gite accommodation

   Payment is no longer a problem anywhere, at least for visitors from the European Union. All European banks have signed up to the SEPA (Single European Payments Area) agreement, and payments can be sent quickly and easily anywhere in Europe once you have the IBAN number of the owner of the accommodation. SEPA transfers are often free, notably within the Eurozone; Swiss and UK visitors will of course pay an exchange commission.
Some of the holiday rentals in this directory are listed with Gites de France, but many are not. The absence of a Gites de France label has no bearing at all on the quality of the accommodation. Click here for more information on the Gites de France rating system.

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